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Carewell SEIU 503 is the family of training and benefits hard-won by SEIU 503 homecare and personal support providers and personal care attendants to enhance their lives. Delivered clearly, easily, and reliably, these offer the stability, health, skills, and training workers deserve.

Carewell SEIU 503 Training and Benefits Guide

The family of training and benefits hard-won by SEIU 503 care providers continues to grow. So we have updated the Guide with information about new benefits including MyCarewell503, Carina, and Continuing Education courses.


Coverage through Kaiser Permanente Dental that pays for most basic services (like cleanings or fillings) with no monthly premium. You also have coverage for a portion of other services (like root canals).

Vision + Hearing

Vision and hearing benefits for no monthly premium.

Employee Assistance Program

Assistance and resources—from help with your taxes to free counseling—for dealing with issues that affect work, home, or family life.

Healthcare Cost Assistance

This benefit covers the cost of your net monthly premium for a qualifying individual health plan purchased through the Marketplace or for Medicare. It also covers up to $7,165 in 2024 in out-of-pocket medical expenses for claims covered under Medicare or an eligible Marketplace health plan.

Paid Time Off

Up to 48 hours per year of paid time off (PTO), so you can take a break from work when you need to.

Check Your Eligibility

Are you eligible for Carewell benefits? Find out in less than a minute using our eligibility questionnaires.

A Carewell eligibility questionnaire on a mobile phone screen

Losing eligibility

You may lose eligibility for Carewell SEIU 503 benefits (Dental, Vision + Hearing, EAP, and Healthcare Cost Assistance) if you have 2 months in a row with 0 hours of work. After those 2 months, you’ll have a grace period of 1 more month before your benefits end. You will be notified by mail that you might be losing your benefits. These notifications also include information about continuing Dental, Vision and Hearing, and EAP coverage through COBRA. If you decide to stay on DVE benefits through COBRA, this means you will now have to pay for premiums by sending payment to our COBRA Administrator, Ameriflex.

Update Your Information

To be eligible for Carewell benefits, Carewell SEIU 503 must have your name, gender, Social Security number, birth date, and current address on file. You should also make sure that your information is up to date with the State.

Opting Out

All homecare and personal support workers who are eligible to receive benefits through Carewell Dental, Vision+Hearing, and the Employee Assistance Program are automatically covered. If you are eligible but you wish to opt out of these benefits, please complete the waiver form below. If you decide to opt back in to these benefits, you will need to contact Carewell SEIU 503 in writing.


If your claim for benefits from Carewell SEIU 503 is denied in whole or in part (for example, your request for reimbursement is denied, or you are advised that you are not eligible for benefits), fill out and submit the following form and any supporting materials. Some of the possible issues that you can address with the Appeals form include:

  • Your eligibility for benefits
  • The amount of a reimbursement
  • Failure to receive a reimbursement

Eligibility and Reimbursement Appeals Form

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