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Using Your Benefit Convenience Card


The Benefit Convenience Card (BCC) is a Mastercard debit card, sent to you and administered by Ameriflex.

Your BCC works just like a regular debit card, except that:

  • Your card is limited in use, meaning you can only use it for the covered expenses listed below. Please note that you can’t use the BCC for out-of-pocket expenses for dental, vision, and/or hearing services.  
  • You can’t use your card at an ATM or to get cash back when making a purchase. 

What can you use the Benefit Convenience Card for?

Monthly premiums
Out-of-pocket expenses

Approved Marketplace Plan

Monthly premiums

YES! [Exceptions may apply, see below]

Contact your insurance carrier to set up your card to make automatic premium payments.

Out-of-pocket expenses

YES! Covered medical expenses (up to the annual BCC allowance):

– The deductible on your approved Marketplace plan 

– Copayments and coinsurance expenses, including for covered prescriptions


Monthly premiums

NO. You will need to use the reimbursement process for your Medicare premium(s).

Click here for more information. 

Out-of-pocket expenses

YES! Covered medical expenses (up to the annual BCC allowance):

– Deductibles on your Medicare coverage 

– Copayments and coinsurance expenses, including for covered prescriptions

  • If your family is included on your health insurance policy, or
  • If you receive the average premium reimbursement

In both cases, you may still use the BCC for covered out-of-pocket expenses. However, you must pay your premium directly to your insurance company using your own funds and then submit a reimbursement form to the Benefits Administrative Office.

You may be asked to show proof of your covered out-of-pocket expenses, so be sure to keep all your Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and receipts (especially your prescription receipts, since prescription expenses don’t appear on the EOBs issued by your insurance company).

How much money is on the BCC?

There are two separate accounts on your BCC: one for paying your premiums (if applicable), and one for covered out-of-pocket expenses.

This chart shows the amount available for the annual BCC allowance for covered out-of-pocket expenses since the start of this program.


Submit a claim for reimbursement from Ameriflex (BCC Administrator)

Submit a claim for reimbursement from Ameriflex: 

    • If you paid any covered out-of-pocket expenses using your own funds and not the BCC (for instance if you forgot your BCC at the pharmacy or the doctor’s office.)
    • If you’re asking for reimbursement for services received the previous year, you can submit a reimbursement form to Ameriflex until March 31. (After March 31, you should submit a Medical Reimbursement Claim form to the Benefits Administrative Office.)

Connect with Ameriflex!

Managing your Benefit Convenience Card issued by Carewell SEIU 503 just got easier! For all your transactions with Ameriflex, we highly recommend you create an account on the Ameriflex portal. You can use the Ameriflex online portal at to: 

    • check the balance on your Benefit Convenience Card (BCC)
    • view your payment history 
    • submit claims online
    • see the status of a reimbursement 
    • order a replacement card

3 steps to make managing your BCC payments easier

Create an Account

Create your account at

Set up and use MyPlanConnect.

If you use your BCC, MyPlanConnect will automatically locate the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for your transaction, and you won’t need to submit further documentation. See details and directions at

Download App

Once you’ve set up your account, download the MyAmeriflex mobile app at The Ameriflex app lets you access and manage your account on the go!

Ameriflex resources

Accessing the Ameriflex Mobile App
Contact Ameriflex

Ameriflex representatives are also available to assist on the phone Monday through Friday 5am to 6pm, and Saturday 7am to 11am (PST) at 1-888-868-3539.

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