Employee Assistance Program

Keep your life running smoothly.

Benefit Summary

The Carewell SEIU 503 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides resources to help you in your personal life, such as accessing discounted legal services and household finance advice or counseling.

The Carewell SEIU 503 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided by Uprise Health. Uprise’s counselors can help you privately solve problems affecting your work, family, and life in general. EAP services are free to you and include:

  • 24-hour crisis help
  • Up to five in-person counseling sessions every 12 months
  • Online mental health consultations
  • And much more
Important Things to Know
  • The Carewell SEIU 503 Employee Assistance Program is premium-free — there is no monthly bill for you to pay.
  • Once you are eligible, you will have coverage through Uprise Health.
  • Family members cannot be added to this plan.
  • You cannot use the Benefit Convenience Card to pay for any expense related to your Employee Assistance Program benefits.


To find out your eligibility instantly, answer a few questions on our eligibility questionnaire. 

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Carewell SEIU 503 Employee Assistance Program benefits you must:


You must work at least 40 eligible working hours* for 2 months in a row to be eligible for these benefits. Once you have met this requirement, there will be a 1-month waiting period after you turn in your timesheets and/or payroll vouchers. During this waiting period, the State, Acumen, or PPL will report your hours to Carewell SEIU 503.

تمثيل بياني يوضح جدول الأهلية وشهر الانتظار

Turn in your timesheets and/or payroll vouchers on a regular basis.


Have your name, gender, Social Security number, birth date, and current address on file with Carewell SEIU 503.

These eligibility requirements are the same for the Dental, Vision + Hearing, and Employee Assistance Program (DVE) benefits. 

* Eligible working hours

The number of eligible working hours you need to qualify for Carewell benefits are the work hours paid by Acumen, DHS, and/or PPL on behalf of your consumer.


Losing eligibility

You may lose eligibility for Carewell SEIU 503 benefits (Dental, Vision + Hearing, EAP, and Healthcare Cost Assistance) if you have 2 months in a row with 0 hours of work. After those 2 months, you’ll have a grace period of 1 more month before your benefits end.

Mail will be sent out to care providers letting them know they might be losing their benefits. These notifications also include information about continuing Dental, Vision and Hearing, and EAP coverage through COBRA.

If you decide to stay on DVE benefits through COBRA, this means you will now have to pay for premiums by sending payment to our COBRA Administrator, Ameriflex.

You can also regain eligibility by meeting the requirements listed above.


Dental, Vision + Hearing, and Employee Assistance Program benefits will be set up automatically for you once you:

  • meet the Eligibility Requirements explained above;
  • update Carewell SEIU 503 and the State with your name, gender, Social Security number, and current address. 

Enrollment Confirmation

You will not receive a card for your Employee Assistance Program benefits, but you will receive information about this benefit in the mail from Carewell SEIU 503. Note that because the eligibility requirements are the same for Dental, Vision + Hearing, and Employee Assistance Program benefits, you will know you are eligible for the EAP when you receive your cards for Dental and Vision + Hearing.

Benefit Details

Use This Benefit
Access your EAP services

To access online:

To access by phone:

  • Call 1-800-395-1616
  • Use the access code: OHWBT

If there are any costs associated with services you use with your Employee Assistance Program you will not be reimbursed. Review the benefit overview for more information.


Keep This Benefit

You do not need to reapply or re-enroll as long as you do not go 2 months in a row without eligible working hours — or if 0 hours are reported, you will remain eligible for Dental, Vision + Hearing, and Employee Assistance Program benefits.

See the Eligibility section above to learn what steps you need to take if you lose eligibility. 

Opt Out

If you would like to opt out of Dental, Vision + Hearing, and Employee Assistance Program benefits, you can complete the waiver form.

Benefits Waiver Form (Online)

Contact Information and Resources

Carewell SEIU 503


Reasons to contact Carewell SEIU 503:

  • Questions about eligibility for the Employee Assistance Program benefit
Uprise Health

Call 800-395-1616

Reasons to contact Uprise Health:

  • Schedule a counseling appointment
  • Get more information about legal services available through the Employee Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Read common questions about the Carewell Employee Assistance Program benefit. See the FAQs page for more information.

How do I use employee assistance program benefits, like counseling and financial planning?

You can access services by visiting uprisehealth.com or calling 1-800-395-1616. Your access code is: OHWBT.

Can I add my spouse or other family members?

No. Carewell SEIU 503 benefits are available only to eligible homecare and personal support workers and personal care attendants.

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