Paid Time Off

Helping you take time off from work when you need to.

Benefit Summary

The Carewell SEIU 503 Paid Time Off (PTO) benefit helps you take time off from work when you need to.

Taking time off work is crucial to your physical, mental, and emotional health! That’s why Carewell SEIU 503 offers eligible care providers up to 48 hours of PTO benefits every year. You can earn 1 hour of PTO for every 20 hours worked, up to a maximum of 4 hours of PTO benefits every month. 


Important Things to Know

Fill out the Form W-9

You must fill out a Form W-9 to be eligible for your PTO benefit. If Carewell SEIU 503 doesn’t have your Form W-9 on file, you won’t receive the PTO benefit.

Any PTO benefit hours older than 12 months will expire and you will lose those benefit hours if a Form W-9 is not filled out and sent to Carewell SEIU 503. 

The maximum amount of time that you can save up your PTO benefits before receiving an auto-payment is 24 months. You will receive your auto-payment if we have your W-9 on file.

You do not need to find a replacement

It isn’t your responsibility to find your replacement when you take paid leave from your consumer-employer.

Form 1099

The paid time off (PTO) benefit is taxable income. If you receive $600 or more of your PTO benefit during the year, you will be sent a Form 1099 in the mail. This form is sent when taxable income does not have taxes deducted but is still considered taxable by the IRS.

Please make sure to keep the Form 1099 safe so you have it for when you file your taxes.

The benefit is still taxable income even if you do not receive a Form 1099. Keep track of all PTO benefits you request during the year.

How It Works

Eligible care providers can earn 1 hour of PTO benefits for every 20 hours worked, up to a maximum of 4 hours of PTO benefits every month.

Once you have at least 8 hours of PTO benefit in your balance, you can request hours, or you can save hours to take a well-earned vacation!

Eligibility for PTO Benefits

Read the requirements below to learn more about eligibility for Carewell SEIU 503 Paid Time Off benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Carewell SEIU 503 paid time off benefits you must:


Have a Form W-9 on file with Carewell SEIU 503 Benefits. The PTO benefit is taxable income. You will not receive your PTO benefit if we do not have your Form W-9 on file with us.

Work at least 20 hours a month to be eligible for 1 hour of PTO benefits. If you work less than 20 hours in a month, you will not earn PTO benefit hours that month.  
Eligible hours

“Work hours” means the hours paid by Acumen, DHS, and/or PPL on behalf of your consumer. 

Earning PTO Benefits

You can earn up to 4 PTO benefit hours every month.  

Example: if you worked 100 hours in 1 month, you have earned 4 hours of PTO benefits. This is because 20 hours of work is equal to 1 hour of PTO benefits and you cannot earn more than 4 PTO benefit hours every month. 

Hours worked in 1 month cannot be combined with hours worked in another month to earn PTO benefit hours.

Example: If you worked 10 hours in May, and you worked 10 hours in June, you cannot combine those work hours to earn the 1 hour of PTO benefits.

PTO benefit hours earned for the month are added to the PTO benefit balance at the end of the next calendar month.  

Example: You work 80 hours in May earning 4 hours of PTO.  The 4 hours of PTO you earned are added to your balance when hours are received and processed at the end of June.

If you work as both a homecare worker and a personal support worker, all hours worked in a month will be combined to calculate PTO benefit hours for that month. 

How to Request PTO

If you have worked the required number of hours to earn at least 8 hours of PTO benefits, you will receive a notice from Carewell SEIU 503. It will include instructions on how you can request your PTO benefits. Please make sure to view your PTO benefits balance first before requesting your PTO benefits.


The timeline for the processing of PTO payments

​​The State sends worker hours to Carewell SEIU 503 at the end of every month for hours worked the previous month. We then update the PTO benefit balance. This means that PTO and pay rate adjustments earned in one month are not reflected in your PTO earnings until the end of the following month. 

Care providers who earn a step increase at the beginning of July 2024 will receive their PTO benefits at the adjusted pay rate starting in late August 2024.   

Please make sure to account for this processing time for all future PTO benefit requests.   

Request your PTO Benefits

Use MyCarewell503 to request your PTO.

Benefit Details

Receive your PTO Benefits

To receive your PTO benefits, you need to fill out the Form W-9 if you haven’t already done so. If you do not, you will not be paid, as this benefit is taxable income. You will receive your payment by check in the mail unless you choose to receive it by direct deposit into your bank account.

Receive your PTO Benefits by Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the fastest and safest way to collect your PTO benefit! Fill out the Direct Deposit form and include a copy of a voided check or your bank account information.

You only need to complete the Direct Deposit form once; we will note your preference for future payments. You can’t use direct deposit if you don’t have a bank account.

Fill out the PTO Designation of Beneficiary Form

With the PTO benefit, we urge you to complete the Designation of Beneficiary Form so that the person you choose receives your unclaimed PTO payment in the event of your death.

Contact Information

Carewell SEIU 503 Benefits

1-844-503-7348, Monday–Friday, from 8 am–6 pm PST.

Reasons to contact Carewell SEIU 503 Benefits :

  • Request your PTO balance (how many hours you have left)
  • You believe the PTO check you received is for the wrong amount
  • Any question you have around PTO benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Read common questions about the Carewell PTO benefit. See the FAQs page for more information.

What rate of pay will my PTO hours be paid?

The rate of pay will be calculated at the most recent pay rate from your payroll vendor and not at the time it was earned.  

For example, let’s say you earn 12 hours of PTO by working 80 hours every month in August, September, and October of 2023. On January 1, 2024, you get a raise negotiated by your union. You decide to take some time off to visit family in February. Even though you earned the PTO benefit hours before your raise, you will get paid out at a higher rate because you requested the benefit after your raise took effect. 

How do I find out my PTO benefit balance?

You can call Carewell SEIU 503 Benefits at 1-844-503-7348. Or you can use MyCarewell503, a new online benefits tool.

What if I work less than 20 hours in a month? Will those hours roll over and be added to the next month’s hours so I can earn PTO?

No, hours do not roll over and cannot be combined with another month. 

I work 120 hours per month, so why won’t I earn 6 PTO hours per month?

Care providers can receive up to 4 PTO hours every month according to the SEIU contract negotiations. This new PTO program is designed to provide the greatest number of PTO hours possible to the largest number of care providers. Those previously earning 40 hours per year will now earn 48 hours per year. 

What if I stop working and have less than 8 hours earned?

If you stop working, your remaining PTO benefit hours will be paid out to you if you have a Form W-9 on file with us. 

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