State-Required Refresher Training for Current Workers

The refresher training deadline has passed.

The deadline for state-required refresher training was June 30. If you’ve already registered for training, you can log in to view your progress in the learning portal below.

If you did not register for refresher training and still need to take it, please reach out to the Member Assistance Center by phone at 1-844-503-7348 or by email at

I’ve already registered for training


Deadline Information

Am I really done with training? How can I tell?

You are done with the training once you have completed Online Refresher, Refresher Workshop, and any surveys associated with each of them. You can check your completion status by logging in to the learning portal. Go to “my courses.” If you have completed Refresher Training, you should see a green box that says “completed” underneath the courses “Online Refresher” and “Refresher Workshop.” If either of those courses says “start” or “resume” in a purple or orange box underneath, you still need to complete that portion of the training. You may also see PTC training in your courses. This is not required.  

Once you finish each section of training, you should also have a certificate in the learning portal with your completion date. You can find certificates in the transcript section of the learning portal.  

What happens if I didn't complete the training by June 30?

You can keep going. Although the deadline has passed, Carewell is still making the training available so you can finish up. If you receive a termination notice from the state, you can request a hearing. If you finish refresher training before the hearing date, you will keep your provider number.

What should I do if I receive a termination letter from the state? How can I keep my provider number?

If you receive a termination letter, you can request a hearing to appeal the decision. If you request a hearing and complete the training before the hearing, your provider number will remain active.  

Stipend Information

Do I have to pay for training?

No. The training is free to all homecare and personal support workers.

Will I be provided a stipend for training that I take?

Workers who complete training by the deadline will be provided a stipend for time spent participating in required refresher training sessions. There is a $135 stipend for completing Online Refresher and a $65 stipend for completing Refresher Workshop.

Please note that if you are exempt from the refresher training requirement,  or if you missed the June 30, 2022 deadline you are not eligible for a stipend.  For information on exemptions, please view the exemption FAQs.

More information about stipends can be found in the Stipend Policy.

How do I receive the stipend?

When you’ve successfully completed your first stipend-eligible course, you will receive via mail a Visa card loaded with your stipend.  To receive stipends in a timely manner, please confirm your mailing address and email address are up to date in your Carewell Learning Portal profile. Stipends are sent out twice per month, so it may take a couple weeks for the stipend to get to you. For more information, please see the Stipend Policy.

Please note that if you are exempt from the Refresher Training requirement, you are not eligible for a stipend.  For information on exemptions, please view the exemption FAQ.  

How do I activate my stipend card?

For OmniCard (stipends issued before 3/1/22): Go to and follow the directions on the website. You can also call 1-877-357-4975 and press 1.  

For Blackhawk (stipends issued after 3/1/22): Go to and follow the directions on the website. You can also call 1-866-829-0707 and press 1.  

Where can I find more information about my stipend card?

For OmniCard (stipends issued before 3/1/22): For FAQs related to your stipend card, go to 

For Blackhawk (stipends issued after 3/1/22): For FAQs related to your stipend card, go to 

Why is my stipend taking so long to arrive?

Stipends are issued based on the schedule below: 

There may be delays if there is an error such as an incorrect mailing address or duplicate accounts in the Learning Portal. In these cases, it may take 3-4 weeks to reissue the stipend card. Shipping time is usually 1-2 weeks. Please check that your mailing address is updated in your Learning Portal account and with the state to ensure efficient stipend processing. 

Due to a high volume of stipends being processed, there may be a delay of up to 6 weeks before stipends are received. We are processing stipends as quickly as possible and are working hard to be sure that you receive your stipend quickly.  

To update your mailing address, visit the Learning Portal and click on the purple person icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then, click “Edit Profile” to change your address and other demographic information. 

Login and Learning Portal Information

How do I reset my password?

Go to the login page. From there, if you don’t know your password, you can click “Forgot Password” which will email you a link to reset your password. If you don’t see the reset password email right away, please check your spam folder.

What if I don't remember my username?

Your username should be your email address. Try logging in with that. If this doesn’t work, call us at 844-503-7348 or email

I’m getting an error message or having an issue with the learning portal. What should I do?

If you are having a learning portal issue, such as an error message, blank loading screen, audio issues, etc., here are some steps for you to try. 

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Clear cookies on browser. If you aren’t sure how to do that, google how to clear cookies on browser.
  3. Restart your device (laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone).
  4. Try a new browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari) – Note: the training portal doesn’t work too well with Apple Safari.
  5. Close other tabs and programs while working in the learning portal.
  6. Email us and we can provide support. Please include the following information if you reach out to our support team:
    1. What device are you using? (computer, cell phone, tablet)
    2. What browser are you using? (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari)
    3. What issue are you having? (stuck module name, specific slides/activity/video, details about the issue, error message, audio issues)

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