Ma u baahan tahay inaad iska diiwaangeliso ama aad cusbooneysiiso ceymiskaaga caafimaadka ee 2022? Isdiiwaangeli ka hor Diseembar 15 si aad u hesho ceymis dhaqangal noqda Janaayo 1, 2022.

Anshaxa Hay'ada

Preparing for Class. We welcome and support you and all participants and ask that you come to class rested and ready to learn. You will need a mobile device for part of the course. Examples of mobile devices include a phone, tablet, or laptop. Please bring your mobile device and put it on silent mode when you arrive. Carewell will have a limited number of devices available for loan if you do not have a mobile device. Planned breaks will be given; however, lunch will not be provided during the training session.

Attendance and Tardiness. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before class starts. If you arrive more than ten minutes after the start of the session, you will not be able to participate and will be asked to reschedule.

Classroom Behavior. To ensure a comfortable learning environment for all attendees, please don’t use distracting scents. Please also be aware of how your personal hygiene can impact another participant’s experience in the classroom. Please be an active participant in class and be respectful of others. Smoking and use of drugs or alcohol are not permitted in or around the class location. Vandalism, stealing, and verbal/physical abuse of staff or participants are not welcome. You will be asked to leave if you display disruptive behavior that negatively affects others’ safety or ability to learn. 

Online Behavior. For online training, you will engage with other attendees and Carewell trainers through an online discussion board and/or virtual classroom discussion. We ask that you be productive and professional in all online settings to help create a comfortable learning environment for all. We will delete any written comments that violate this Code of Conduct or reveal confidential consumer information. We may remove learners that are combative, insensitive, threatening, disruptive, use profanity, or otherwise negatively impact the learning environment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Carewell SEIU 503 believes that a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment is one where all staff and participants feel welcomed. We respect and value diverse life experiences and want to ensure that all voices are valued. We will not accept harassment or bullying by staff or participants.

The SEIU Local 503 Training Partnership admits students of any race, color, national origin, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students of the Partnership’s training programs. It doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies and other school-administered programs. 

By participating in Carewell SEIU 503 Training, you agree to ensure fairness and safety for all other participants. You agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct for all aspects of Carewell SEIU 503 Training, both in-person and online. Should you not comply with these reasonable requests, Carewell staff will take the necessary steps to remediate any non-compliance with this Code of Conduct. If you have any issues or questions with this Code of Conduct, please email us at:

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